1157 bulb vs 1156 Find Light Bulb Sockets with 1156 Light Bulb Number application and get Free Shipping on Orders Over 99 at Summit Racing Save on Sylvania 1156 LongLife Mini Bulb Pack of 2 1156LLBP2 at Advance Auto Parts. 99 more destinations A Big Table of Little Bulbs. 1156 1683 1157 1662 1255 h1 2470 h1 1255 h2 2470 h2 1255 h3 2470 h3 1260 h4 2470 h4 1813 1829 1816 1864 1889 1820 40 brighter than the full chrome bulbs 1156 1157 or 7507 Silver Vision. 32. I recently replaced my rear tail light lenses on my 2006 BMW with a set of Blackline lenses. 68 amps. Filaments are listed major minor bright dim All ECE European bulbs have nickel plated bases and large contact lugs rated hours in ECE and non ECE bulbs are not directly comparable Note 12V test voltage of ECE bulbs vs. Note requires 2 quot diameter clearance in housing for bulb to fit. Feb 25 2014 OK. This means using something like 1. Oct 08 2017 The 1156 has one contact on the bottom of the bulb the 1157 has two contacts and two filaments. 59in Light Bulb 1141 vs 1156 Base The base for the 1141 and the 1156 are exactly the same. 68. locate a store. 15 quot 29mm 6614 Vanity 1. The 39 92 Camry XLE has a main rear light assembly that 39 s part of the main body or rear bumper tinted red and orange that holds 3 bulbs. reverse lights running lights etc. Did a quick web search and found this page related to motorcycles that lists the common dual filament bulbs and their wattage vs. Check your old one to see if there are 1 or 2 wire like filaments inside the bulb to know for sure. Fits right in. If you are encounter this issue please let us know and we can exchange you a different types of 1156 LED bulbs which are non polar. 0 inches Compact dual filament tail light bulb with 1157 style base with offset pins . You will find all exterior light model sizes you may need at LASFIT. Colored Turn Signal amp Tail Light Bulbs 1157 1156 Replacement Bulbs Single or Pair Price From 1. The bulb comes in contact with the inside of the lens. These differences are not applicable to LED bulbs so we 39 ve created a handy guide for you. The best part is that for a 2 pack of Sylvania 2357LL long life bulbs is about 3 4 and available everywhere. com 1157 USA bulb specifications category Miniature volt 12. An 1156 is a single filament bulb only one contact could be used for dedicated turn signals marker lamp or backup. Apr 25 2006 1156 light bulbs substitute for P21W I tried searching this forum for about an hour and never found exactly the answer I was looking for. 1156 Single Circuit. Roger These bulbs are dual brightness the low tail light function is 6 Watts and high stop light function is 21 Watts. Was trying for a brighter stop light W O going to LED 39 s. In other words a 1156 3156 is a single filament bulb therefore used only in applications where one filament would be necessary i. 0 10 votes Store rixingzhe Store US 2. Features Direct Base 1156 amp 1157 Replacement LED Bulbs Large 1. The lens and layout of the led chips gives a uniform light. 50 quot 36mm 6411 6418 C5W 1. quot Good luck Each bulb pulls 2. Type Bulb with Cross Reference Replacements 1157 1016 1034 1076 1130 1142 1152 1154 1157 1158 1493 2057 2357 2397 3496 7528 1156 1073 1093 1129 1141 1159 1259 1459 1619 1651 1680 3496 5007 5008 7506 7527 67G18 61 63 69 71 81 98 98 303 623 1003 1155 1247 1251 3497 5007 5008 3157 3057 3157 3457 4157 not 3157 SRCK double wire Compared to an 1157 it produces the same brightness for the tail light 3 lumens but 25 more light for the brake 40 lumens vs. Freddy tries to find the best LED tail light bulbs for the Supra. Xenon and halogen lights use a gas to help increase bulb effectiveness but there nbsp If your bulb ends with an A such as 1157A it is an amber bulb. S. We are going to alter the 1156 LED bulb slightly to fit into the 7507 housing. Throw the switch NOTHING. 1 amps while a two filament 1157 bulb if the filaments are wired in parallel will increase the current limit to 2. com you can purchase over 20 different Light Bulbs with a Single Contact Bayonet BA15s Base from brands like CEC Industries Philips Lighting and Sylvania. has anyone just swapped the incandescant 1157 1156 bulbs for the led ones and what kinda luck did yall have with them. On my 1995 Gen 2 Mitsubishi Montero I found that a millimeter or two made a difference. From what I read on the net the P21W is supposed to be 21W vs 1156 which is 27W. Need a replacement bulb Find a full list of incandescent halogen amp HID bulb specifications including J. 44 nbsp 19 Feb 2014 faithful service. Figure out how to eliminate the vibration and use 2057 bulbs its a heavy duty 1157. 9 watts much higher than the 10 watts of the RY10W. May 19 2012 at 12 27 PM 7 7. The bulbs are the same size but I know that the W or cp is different for each. 80 Chrome Amber Turn Signal Bulbs 1157 1156 Replacement Bulbs Pair 2x BAY15D 1157 P21 5W Socket Adapter Holder for Car Bulb Tail Stop Light Globe. All rights reserved. 15 mm Diameter BA15d base. 1156 7506 7507 P21W 1157 2037 2357 7528 1156 LED Bulbs AUXITO 1156 Reverse Backup Light Bulbs 1700 Lumens Super Bright Wedge 4014 102 SMD LED Chipsets 1141 1073 7506 LED Bulbs with Projector for Backup Reverse Lights 6000K Xenon White by AUXITO 1156 1157 Bulbs Sort By Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price Ascending Price Descending Products Per Page 8 12 16 20 40 100 1156 LED bulbs for exterior automotive applications such as turn signals reverse lights cornering lights and backup lights. 1157 1034 81511 3 Fleet Service Lamp 12. Notice that bright bulbs have short life expectancies 2357 vs 1157. it blinks bright and dim bright and dim. 08A when braking while the LED s pull 0. This setup can be found on the B5 B5 . Mar 22 2008 Yes the narrower lighting angle from LED bulbs is definitely the down side. Often more than one bulb can serve as a replacement part for nearly any automotive lamp. What does that mean If your household electricity only powers a single light bulb you will pay 5 times less electricity bill if that bulb is an LED instead of an incandescent bulb. 28W the wires nbsp I just went down and looked. But I nbsp . 5 out of 5 stars 78 Aug 11 2014 Hi all first post. Wiring two 1156 bulbs in parallel increases the current limit to a whopping 4. Product 026 2055 8. In Store pick up FREE Ship to home . Mar 08 2008 I replaced the 1157 bulbs with 2357 bulbs. 65602 65602BLK 15 Diode 1141 1156 Overhead Replacement 5500 Kelvin 12 135 Lumen 93 1003 65602 WW Warm White version 3500 Kelvin 12 1141 1156 65532 65532BLK 25 Diode 1141 1156 Overhead Replacement 5500 Kelvin 20 175 Lumen 1139IF Anyway in my experience I 39 d try it first and be aware that there are many different versions of the same number of bulb replacement for reason not all 1156 or 1157 will act look or work the same in a specific place. Philips Lighting PA 1157B2 1157B2 Philips 1157 Standard Auto Bulb The quot voltage quot of a ballast e. Dec 12 2009 What 39 s the deal with not using 1156 1157 bulbs The longevity of the euro bulb is supposedly 150 hours compared to 2000 with the domestic lamp with only a 4 watt increase A. Here we have a 1156 LED bulb and a stock 7507 bulb. Got the old socket out and the new one in. D. Note that these are bulbs that have a low high filament i. Notes If your bulb ends with an A such as 1157A it is an amber bulb. 5 out of 5 stars 29 CDN 25. Nov 11 2014 Marcus has done his homework too. I decided to replace all bulbs at the rear since I was. 8 Volt 2. 1157 Dual Circuit. 1156 and 7506 are the same bulb. 1157 tail 0. At car parts store of your choice that carries Sylvania Osram bulbs their Sylvania catalog states that the above lights take a 7506 bulb. The only draw back to using the 2357 bulb is the rated hours of service for the brake light element is much less 400 hours for the 2357 brake light element vs. 29 Quantity Pricing Available G18 S25 2. Drew the only real difference between the 1157 and the 2057 is that the 2057 is a lower wattage on the tail light side. as the 1154. Suitable for car signal bulb socket connector. The ground is the metal base of the bulb. you need a double filament 1157. 1A and not 2. 7 sold. Led bulbs deliver a balanced combination of performance and value. Non polarity bulb up to 260 lumen output 6 to 24 volts life up to 30 000 hours 13 5730 smd available in white 6000 K warm white 3000 K Red 625 nm Green 526 nm Blue 464 nm amp Yellow 594 nm. Does anyone know is it OK to use the 1157 bulbs in the turn signals This is for a 2006 Aero 750. 300 Lumens 36 total SMD3014 LEDs behind a protective glass shellSuperior brightnessModels 1076 and 1156 are dual voltage 10 to 36VDC Model 1157 is 12 14VDC onlyGlass shell protects the LED from moisture and handlingDesigned for long life. The tail light element in both the 1157 and the 2357 are rated at 5 000 hours. 55. I board my boat pop out the incandescent bulb which works fine and pop in the LED. The 1141 bulb is 402 Lumen in a clear lens with a 1. 1157 is a dual filament dual contact bulb that fits on the E36 cars won 39 t slide into the E46 at all. uk 1157 Bulb. 1 Amp 26. 2 amps. They are optimized for low energy consumption and higher brightness which allows up to 6 7 times energy savings per bulb We offer all three bases available for Bayonet base LED Bulbs BA15S 1156 BA15D 1157 amp BAY15D 1142. 6 Watt Product Code 78845 Price 5. Phinlion 2000 Lumens LED 1157 Bulbs Super Bright 3014 72 SMD 2357 7528 BAY15D 1157 LED Bulb for Backup Reverse Turn Signal Brake Stop Tail Lights 6000K Xenon White 4. High End Halogen What 39 s The Better Headlight Bulb BLIP Jalopnik. All of the Part 25 Unit Description Picture Temperature Wattage Base Replacement Bulb Photo Bulk Equiv. They both have 2 bottom contacts but the 1157 has 2 filaments and grounds through the case and the 1076 has one filament and grounds through one of the contacts the base is not connected to anything. Here the battle between 3057 Vs 3157 bulb is won by the 3057. Buy online pick up in store in 30 minutes. Jan 07 2008 GM Ford Chrysler The 1157 had 2 filaments in it to provide not only the tail light but the brake light as well from one bulb. 1156 is a big one. I did not find a version of these no base bulbs equivalent to the regular 1156 bulb only the 1157 bulb but if you really want only 2. com. 8 Feb 2009 Both contacts on the 1157 bulb would touch the signal contact in the 1156 socket so it should work correct BTW I 39 m working with LEDS if that nbsp 1157 is a twin element 1156 is a single element. Long life version lasts twice as long as standard version. 1157 and 1076 are not interchangeable so no bulb will be equivalent to both. 99 LED Bulbs Load Resistor Turn Signal Fix 6 ohm 50W 1157 3157 7440 7443 NEW Price 9. polkat Topic Author Offline Member Posts 513 Thank you received 1 I went ahead with the 2357 39 s and they work fine GIVEDOUA 1157 LED Car Bulb BAY15D 7528 2057 2357 LED Replacement Light Bulbs for 12V RV Car Camper Trailer Brake Lights Super Bright 5050 18 SMD 6000K White 10pcs 4. 58A you can use these and only hook up one filament. Both denote bulb brightness and can be used to make comparisons between various bulb options. 1157 LED Bulbs. E. Juan 375 4pc Canbus No Error 1156 BA15S P21W 1157 P21 5W BAY15D Reverse Lights Car Led light nbsp 21 Apr 2012 Does anyone know what the difference is between the two bulbs. Oct 08 2017 1157 and 1156 Light Bulb Comparison 1157 and 1156 Motorcycle Light Bulbs There are several motorcycle tail light and brake light bulb types which are interchangeable. On ebay the sellers say that any 1156 will fit superbrightleds gave a different number 64 I think which is just as rare as a 1003 LED. GMC full size trucks amp SUVs Use the Regular 3157 bulb for the top tail lamp bulbs 95 01 Cavalier and Sunfire tail lights 92 98 Grand Am tail lights Our bulbs are designed with constant current technology so they will work with both 12V or 24V systems. C is an 1156 which has the single positive pole on the bottom thus the polarity is always correct. 75 to 3. Estancio Feb 09 2016 Align the bumps on the bulb with the grooves in the socket not that one bump is offset lower than the other. Shop for more Exterior Car 1157 Long Life Mini Bulbs. the 1157 on an incandescent bulb has two filaments. They 39 re the same physical size and the same application turn signals typically . Choose 1156 LED Bulb 6 to 24 Volt 2. 75A. First check the dimensions of the LED bulbs you re considering against the openings in the lens housings through which the bulbs must pass. BA15 base is a Bayonet base with a diameter of 15mm 0. 99 A couple of other issues should be noted. LED Vs. lifespan in hours and thought it would be good to share. The rear lights on my 39 57 Chevy were nbsp 15 Feb 2019 the physical look of the standard 1156 1156 bulbs and the marketing If you want a brighter incandescent bulb than the 1157 try a 2357. 1200 hours for the 1157. So when installed in your tractor you will have 2 000 Lumens of illumination Lifespan is 50 000 hours. I bought new 1157 staggered pin sockets. 99 Ea. t4daddy May 19 2012 6. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Terms of Use bulb finder Bulb Number. 1 pair 2pcs of 1156 7507 Europeans or 1157. 48A which sum to 2. Porsche BMW Mercedes 1156 1157 vs. 1157 front pigtail bulb bases. 12. Universal replacement bulb for tail light applications. If a 1057 and 1157 are the same then the 1057 and 1156 are not interchangeable. Theoretically if you put 27W bulb into something rated for 21W you are drawing more Wattage so possible that it may generate more heat light and may harm circuit. Thanks Find Light Bulb Sockets with 1157 Light Bulb Number application and get Free Shipping on Orders Over 99 at Summit Racing A large selection available to support a variety of bulbs including 1156 1157 and more this part. one filament is on all the time as the running light and the other filament comes on as the brake light. g. You can find Mini Bulb Trade Number 199 1156 1073 29 Watts S8 Single Contact Bayonet BA15s Clear 13 V 81508 3 Pkg Qty 10. 24 37 73 74 T5 2825 168 194 W5W T10 912 920 921 W16W T15 64132 64111 BA9s H6W 1. In all fairness the 24 bulb 1157 LED s aren t quite as bright as the regular bulbs. NEW Candlepower Branded 12 14V 50 14CP 1157 replacement for all 198 1157 2057 and European P21 5W applications. the difference between the standard 1141 and the 1156 id in lumens and the 1156 is the brighter and hotter bulb. 8 V. We have a 1157 30 90 157 . The bulb base is a 15mm diameter bayonet fit commonly referred to as the BAY15D type. dual filament I thought was that duals are able to be on all the time as running lights and turn signals . What a difference On cruise they seem only barely whiter but when on the brake they are a lot brighter and make a huge difference. Bulb bases are identical between the 1157 and 2357. It would need led ones as the amount of them would likely suck the same power the few regular bulbs they came with. 1 000 Lumens Light Bulbs for vintage garden tractors. C. 91 Amp power draw. 1157 bulb vs 2357 19 Oct 2009 17 21 328463. Rich91710 Well Known Member. Oct 19 2002 10 15 2002 03 59 PM 1. 3777. 1 Amps S8 Bulb SC Bayonet Base Eiko Eiko 39 s 1156 automotive lamp is designed for long lasting and reliable performance. Rated 4. 8 Volt 2. and the 5w is the coner light. 1157 bulb socket P21W 7528 1156 1157 BA15S BAY15D BAU15S 7440 7443 T20. However for a small portion of the car the wirings are reversed causing the polarity mismatch. Manufactured to exact standards this automotive replacement lamp features high quality components such as nickel plated brass base which improves heat dissipation for long term reliability. 82A 1034 tail 0. 44 53 sales Ask seller a question Shipping US Mainland 5. in my case i used a I know about the 1154 amp the 12V 1157. The stock lenses use standard 7506 bulbs since the rear turn signals are red. The base has lugs on either side that lock the bulb in place when the bulb is pushed into a compatible socket and twisted. Our Customer Service Dept will be happy to help you determine the best option for your specific vehicle. Car Light BA15S 1141 1156 13 18 24 30 5050 SMD LED Bulb AC DC 12 24V Different years have somewhat different bulb assemblies. by Tyler Lacoma. Speaker part number. Simple nbsp Buy 2pcs 1156 BA15S P21W 1157 BAY15D P21 5W Car Auto 60 LED 4014 SMD Tail Backup Reverse Turn Signal Light Bulb White DC 12 24V from Walmart Canada. dot amp sae compliant. The most common Bulbs that these LED lights replace are the 1141 1003 and the 1156. The bulbs provide an easy plug and play installation that is wired for 12 volt operation on all vehicles making it the simple and best choice for your automotive LED replacement bulbs. 78. 1156 rear pigtail bulb bases. 88 99 Old Body Style Chevy center tail tamp bulbs. Works as a replacement bulb for accessory lights 316 0175 and 316 0176. VERY bright amber turnlight and bright enough white for my use on my Harley Softail. 8 volts. Identifying and determining interchange for bulbs without a part number can be a tricky process. 12A. Each bulb puts out 1 000 Lumens of brilliant white light. While the 1157 is listed in Joe 39 s table above as 2. front turn signal 1156 21w pn 90981 16014 discontinued front parking marker light 67 5w pn90981 16016 Eiko 1662 bulb is the 24v bulb like the 1157 . 99 CDN 25 . S 8 size and shape single contact bayonet base. 55A 1034 stop 1. I found where my wifes new to us 2000 Jetta burned out rear turn signal bulb filliment is gone is supposed to be a P21W which is supposed to be 21 watts I think . of the two bulbs are very close. Yes the 1157 ZEVO bulb is a dual application bulb. The 1157 is a brass body amp a little brighter stop amp turn light. The SYLVANIA ZEVO LED bulbs deliver a brighter whiter sharper light. He test a few di Apr 03 2005 Re Automotive 1157 1156 2056 2057 bulb replac If i had a motorcycle it would have lights on the rear and sides. There is one contact on the bottom of the base. HOLY COW Amazingly bright 3 WATT LED light bulb ideal for auto RV truck marine or utility use. 1156 amp 1157 LED Bulbs Diode Dynamics offers a variety of plug and play LED upgrade bulbs in the popular 1156 and 1157 sizes including our 510 lumen XP80 These bulbs are used as tail lights in a wide range of Honda Toyota Lexus Kia Subaru Chrysler and VW vehicles among many others. I 39 m asking because I have a trailer that has one of each in the tail lights. A 30 bulb 1157 LED would be much more similar and would probably pull only a tiny bit more current. 92 Nov 19 2016 The Cutequeen 2 X 1157 bay15d white is 1350 lumens super bright with 54smd 54 smd 2835 chipsets LED car lights bulb in stop brake tail light bulbs by using 12v. They are an improvement over their 3 watt LED 39 s and almost fill as well as incandescent bulbs. 1 amp. I have tested a few true switchback bulbs and these are the best so far. The difference is in the location of the tabs. These use 54 pieces of 3014 chipsets per bulb and supports a Mar 16 2014 They were originally small single filament bulbs. Save money. The LL at the end signifies quot Long Life. 0 inches length 2. Q Of the two poles on the bottom of a 1157 bulb For 1156 or 7507 LED bulb the button is positive and the base surrounding is negative. I couldn 39 t find it too and I couldn 39 t find the 1155 bulb either. The reason for this is to make sure the different light bulbs can be interchangeable when you want to brighten or dull your tail lights or headlights. Be careful not to try to force it into the socket. 9W vs 18. In this case the regular bulb pulls 17 times as much current as the LED. Whereas a 1157 3157 contains two filaments. on the 1154 is 21 3 while the 1157 12V is 32 3. The base of a BA15s bulb is grounded and is a metallic 15mm diameter base with symmetric bayonet side pins. The difference between 1156 BA15S amp 1157 BAY15D is that 1157 BAY15D is a dual filament bulb that allows two functions from one bulb such as a sidelight and brake light in one bulb or an indicator and parking light in one bulb Joe like I said earlier I also need this 631 bulb. The 1003 bulb is 286 Lumen in a clear lens with a 420 Mil Amp power draw. I 39 ve heard that an 1156 P21W bulb can be forced to fit in an 1157 P21 5W socket by sanding off one of the tabs. I believe I 39 ll replace both with the 2057 39 s. 16. amp Replacement Nos. In the early 39 70s the 1034 was replaced by the 1157 the 1073 1141 by the 1156. Measures 1 1 2 quot from bottom to the top. 1157s can be found in our Automotive section 3 8 wide Wedge Base Apr 07 2017 Difference Between 1034 amp 1157 Car Bulbs By David Sandoval eHow Contributor Automotive lamps burn out after a long period of use. That 39 s why you see so many fixtures in older units with partially melted or bubbled lenses 1156 1157 Vs. Bulb 1157 12V 21 5W 0 0. when headlight is turned on the side coner light is lite up . I replaced mine with krypton bulbs from the auto parts store 30 brighter for about 4 each. Check out 1156 Bulb Guide chart for quality LED HID and Halogen upgrades. Sold 1 per package. had 1157 in the front and 1156 in the rear after installing LED 39 s had to run the 2012 RGU Thunder Max tuner V H power duals Stage one nbsp 11 Apr 2011 as i was taking apart my exterior light assemblies to check which bulbs i had i noticed that the clear lamps in the rear shining on by my rear nbsp 22 Oct 2013 I thought I would post this as an FYI. 8 14 V 1157 1034 199 81508 Fleet Service Lamp 12. 26. Sep 01 2004 The rear turn signals are equivalent to 1156 the tail and front marker turn are equivalent to 1157. Harold SEE MORE 1156 1157 Bulbs. Also does a Gen1 Taco use 1156 bulbs a Gen2 doesn 39 t. 1156 is single and 1157 is double. 1 200 Average Rated Hours 2 39 Maximum Overall Length. My 39 69 911 light housings are stamped as such turn signal 21W 32cp reverse 18W 15cp. 55A 1157 stop 1. The bulb features a tower style design with a BAY15D 15 mm bayonet base for easy plug and play installation just twist to lock in place. Compact bulb design prevents fitment or clearance issues. Ready to ship from Bulbs. 1156 BA15S and 1157 BAY15D Empty Bases amp Sockets Empty Bases Bulb Adapters Sockets amp Wired Sockets for DIY projects needing a specific base for a LED bulb building your own LED bulb or for an old socket in need of repair. As a comparison a 100 W incandescent bulb will produce the same brightness of a 16 Watt LED bulb more than one fifth of required energy. Purchase the J amp P Cycles Dual Filament Replacement 1157 Bulb at J amp P Cycles your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories with free everyday tech support. Figure 5. donsbulbs. I went shopping for 2357LL bulbs over the weekend as well. PDF available for download. smart signal stabilizer GREAT VALUE. Same function as a 1157 bulb but with a smaller bulb. Not good. One for the running light one for the turn signal braking filament. For Jetta tails Bentley states the 1073 bulb for turns brakes reverse and presumably the rear fog since it fits . It has a 1073 in it. 58A So both tail filaments draw the same amount of current and appear almost equally bright to my eye. Get free shipping 4 cashback and 10 off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a J amp P Cycles Dual Filament Replacement 1157 Bulb part number 3400330 from J 4X 12V BA15S Vanity Light Bulb 1156 1141 LED Light Bulb for RV Camper Lighting. Now everything I have read says that you can 39 t install an 1156 bulb in an 1157 socket and vice versa. 8 14 amp 2. 6 Watt L. These LED automotive bulbs are long lasting and feature advanced chip material. 9 VAC. However the averagely rated life battle is won by the 3157 as it is more durable. 11 . 88 Watt S8 Single Contact Bayonet Ba15S Base 32 MSCP C 6 Filament Design. co. 7507 is by itself. I looked but didn 39 t see any reference to these bulbs on the forum. 72 quot 42mm 211 2 214 2 560 578 Large Size LED Bulbs. Bulb glows at a medium Dual element Light Bulb like 1157 but brighter on Tail or park 21 6 candle power 12Volt Standard size 2 pin base pins Straight across like 1156 Bulb 1 15 16 quot tall. OK. Respectively they take a 921 1156 amp 1157 bulb. Thanks. and when turn signal is on. Direct 1157 replacement bulb for Back Up Brake Center High Mount Stop Light CHMSL Cornering License Parking Side Marker Tail Turn Signal applications 1157 Incandescent Bulb LongLife SYLVANIA Long Life miniature bulbs perform twice as long as any standard miniature bulb from the leading supplier of automotive lighting. 1 200 hours for the 1157 brake light element . International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 7004 11A EXTERIOR BULBS 1156 1157 7507 3156 3157 7440 7443 9005 9006 9007 H4 H7 H8 H10 H11 H16 921 1xCree 4xEpistar 15x3030 SMD May 03 2013 The 1156 is the single pole turn signal bulb and the 1157 is the dual pole bulb for brake lights. So it 39 s not a simple matter of putting an 1157 bulb into an 1156 socket. Put the bulb 1157 in and it 39 s longer than I have room for. Created with Sketch. There are 4 different bases used with the 15mm size. Model Watts Amps CP The base of the bulb is roughly equivalent to that of the much more common single filament 1156 automotive light bulb with 2 noticeable differences 1 The 1156 is rated at 26. The new ish 1156 and 1157 bulbs from Superbright LED 39 s have a specially shaped center LED and then 4 more smaller LED 39 s around the edges. The low filaments have the same life expectancy rating at 5000 hours but the high filament of the 2357 bulb is much shorter than that of the 1157 with the 2357 rated at 400 hours vs. Are they An 1157 is a dual filament bulb two contacts on the bottom used for tail nbsp AUTOBAHN Tail Stop Reverse Brake light 1156 1157 Lumileds ZES 1500LM 6500K LED Bulb 12V 10W 2 Bulbs . These are most commonly used in turn signals where two filaments are needed. I dont have 1157 but I do have 1156 bulbs in nbsp 9 Dec 2013 I need to replace the bulb in the front black out drive light. OK fine. Easily upgrade your factory bulbs on automotive marine and RV applications with these white 1157 LED bulbs. They are interchangeable like you mentioned. I guess it runs at 5 watts when just on like normal and then 21 nbsp Halogen Vs. Tuners and auto enthusiasts alike can replace their vehicle 39 s incandescent lights with a bright and long lasting led bulb for a unique and modern look in a simple and cost effective way. Gently press the bulb into the socket and turn clockwise until it is snugly held in place by the grooves. Size 3057 Vs 3157. 99 Feedback 90. Pack of 2 12. Live better. 7L ScanGauge II 39 08 ATC Cougar built 06 16 08 of nights in camper 39 08 15 39 12 21 39 13 16 39 14 10 39 15 52 39 16 11 39 17 20 equals 145 2pcs BAU15S py21w 1156 1157 BA15S BAY15D T20 7443 2835 15Smd Bulbs For Car Turn Signal Lights Brake lamp Amber No Hyper Flash 5. What I did find and will use is the bulb 97. 13. They can be contacted directly at 800. 0 out of 5 stars. 3156 LED Bulbs. An 1156 bulb will limit current to 2. 99 9 . The extra wattage is minor 35W vs. However with the 1156 wired into the track feed and all 3 locos at full throttle top speed is reduced to 42 MPH as reported by QSI decoder. 99 Each Aug 25 2010 I am trying to purchase some LED turning signal lights for my 2k civic and was just wondering if the bulb size 1157A is the same as an 1157 thanks for your feedback Had a burned out tail light bulb 1157 and wondered if I could use one of the 2057 39 s I had in the garage. 1156 1157 LED bulbs can be found in your vehicle as they are the two key types of bulbs that allow people to see that your indicator is on as well as your fog nbsp 14 Jun 2011 Difference between 1156 and 1157 tail light bulb. Led automotive bulb Withstands road shock and vibration for optimal performance These S shaped miniature light bulbs have a single contact SC bayonet base sometimes known as a BA15s base. A. I found the same thing as you did petrock 800 10000 on the back of the package. It is sometimes also known as a 1154 6 volt or 1157 12 volt fitment. I put one of the 2357 bulbs in the front signals and turned on the 4 ways it is quite a lot brighter than the 1157. The 1156 socket is really tight in its housing don 39 t know how the socket is connected to the socket the housing encircles the socket and contains the ground wire. Mini Bulb Cross Reference. Add To Cart Product Details Mar 11 2015 2007 Tundra Reg Cab Long Bed 4x4 4. Under the heading quot LIFE quot is the laboratory life expectancy in hours for the bulb element at 100 duty cycle. 1A vs 1. It is constructed by new technology with 54pcs 2835 SMD chips so it results with superior brightness and high energy efficiency. Standard 1157 is 32 3CP Price is for 2 bulbs The 1157 lamp output is measured in Candlepower. The brake lights of the 2357 are brighter than the 1157 bulbs as shown in pic below. 2x Amber Bulb 1156 PY21W BA15S 581 Bayonet Base Lamp 24W Turn Signal Light . 00 Headlight Bulbs HID Headlight Bulbs LED Fog Light Bulbs LED Sealed Beam Conversions. Looks for LEDs with 1156 in the description not 1157. Features. 9 Watts and 12. The 1158 is the same C. 729. This bulb will only go in one way. Sporting a standard 1156 socket these LUYED LED bulbs are reverse light replacements emitting a 6000K to 7000K Xenon white light. 50 out of 5 based on 2 customer nbsp LUMENS HPL XTREME LED Bulb 1156 1157 7440 7443 3156 3157 each just curious cuz i think the only difference is that the 57s are dual filament anyone know Incandescent Bulb Number Also compatible with these part numbers 3497 1073 1295 1195 1156A 7506 199 631 1156ST 1073LL 1156LL 7506L 1034 1178A 2057A 2357NA 2357A 1157A 7528 2057 1016 2357 1196 1157 nbsp Identifying and determining interchange for bulbs without a part number can be a tricky process. I can 39 t get the lens on far enough to get the retaining ring on. If the brake light acts as a running light then the same bulb gets brighter when you apply the brakes it s probably an 1157 more articles also on substitutes for BTW To the original poster 39 s Q The 1141 and 1156 have the same base. Visual Bulb Finder 1156 1157 LED BULBS 7506 1141 2057 P21W 2357 7528 Ba15s Bay15d tail brake turn signal parking backup taillight running back reverse stop led replacement light May 01 2012 1156 and 7506 are the same bulb. 571 watt 27 8 base BAY15d Double Contact Index Bayonet May 10 2008 After installing a single 1156 bulb in series with one side of track feed the no load AC voltage remained at 19. Catalogue. Xenon. 40 brighter than the full chrome bulbs 1156 1157 or 7507 Silver Vision Chrome Dome Chrome Amber Chrome Super White 7507 Single Circuit Price 4. Finally it is worth mentioning the difference between 1156 and 1157 and what you will find is that the 1156 bulb is simply for a single action which means it is used for a turn signal or an on off light whereas the 1157 is a dual action bulb and can be used for two functions including brake lights as well as front signal indicators. The 1156 usually acted like a tail light that did not come on with Many bulbs will use the same base and connectors while the different model numbers will be determined by color and wattage. 120 V refers to the line voltage coming from the power source Philips 1156 Standard Auto Bulb Philips 1156 Standard Auto Bulb Pack of 2 nbsp Available in two variances 1157 or 1016 Double filament and 1156 or 1141 or BA15S Single filament . Dec 12 2009 Im getting around 13. Dual filament nbsp Ready to ship from Bulbs. 7056 7528 PeachParts Mercedes Benz Forum. . 7056 7528. Jul 17 2018 2. The difference between single filament bulbs vs. H1 H3 H4 9003 H7 H10 9145 9140 H11 H9 H8 H16 Type 2 H13 9008 9004 HB2 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 9007 HB5 9012 HIR2 5202 5201 H16 Type 1 2504 PSX24W 880 886 893 894 899 881 886 894 896 898 168 194 W5W 2825 1156 BA15S 7507 BAU15S 1142 BA15D 1157 BAY15D 3157 3156 7443 7440 Support amp Resource 12. Specifications Have 9 4 ea. 1141 1142 1156 BAY15D Indexed Bayonet 1157 One of my turn sig bulbs went out. 1295NA 97 3497 1073 1295 1195 1156A 7506 199 631 1156ST 1073LL 1156LL 7506L nbsp 6V 1157 BAY15D 5050 8 SMD LED Replacement Bulb For Reverse light Turn signal No change for lines replace directly the old BA15S 1156 bulb light no nbsp 1157 Bulb Led AliExpress 1156 1157 BAY15D COB nbsp 5 Sep 2018 The gas filled 3497 amp 3496 bulbs would be the brightest if you want to keep power consumption the same as 1156 amp 1157 bulbs. on old Mopars . Shop for 1157 Light Bulbs at Walmart. The larger the number the brighter the lamp. I was curious to know if a 1156 bulb is the same as a 7506 bulb. It 39 appears the bulbs are compatible the locking prongs are in the the same place on both bulbs. Joined Feb 23 2012 Miniature Size LED Bulbs. E Tech A1 A6 A7 A8 amp MVAC 609 EPA 608 Automotive lamps burn out after a long period of use. In order to have an LED turn signal you must use resistors to allow a complete circuit or you will experience hyper flash as mentioned above. In this section we will look at the differences in the 15mm bulb nbsp Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non retail packaging such nbsp I 39 ve heard that an 1156 P21W bulb can be forced to fit in an 1157 P21 5W socket by sanding off one of the tabs. Running lights are the same brightness between the 1157 and 2357. Maybe I 39 m confused. Ok so the rated voltage of the P21 5W is 12V 1. An 1157 is a dual filament bulb two contacts on the bottom used for tail lamps with integrated brake turn sig. 6 May 2009 In this case the 1156 replaces the 1141 has the same physical characteristics is brighter 26. Build quality are of the highest standards very solid buildt. 85 quot nbsp 20 Sep 1998 What is the difference between 1057 and 1156 bulbs. we 39 re hiring Apr 18 2010 But I think I 39 m going to go back to the 1157. 4 and uses more current 2. com Philips Automotive brand miniature lamp. 6. So will a bright mostly downlit 1156 LED replacement work in the dash or do I need something else. Current draw with all 3 locos at top speed is approx. Light blubs 1157 2057 3057 all GE what is the difference. Note that nbsp 16 Oct 2006 Rear turn signals and the tail light are 1157 the front turn signals are 1156. This is a high quality 1157 Led bulb. e. Log In To See Pricing One time delivery BA15d Dual Contact Bayonet Base 1142 Tower Type LED Bulb with 60xSMD3528 10 30V DC Single Bulb 1421 5. 1157 bulb socket have 2 offset pins. On my driver 39 s side I have an 1156 bulb in both slots but on the passenger side I have an 1156 in the turn signal and a 1073 in the reverse. World class manufacturing and high quality guarantee an extended lifetime of your ZEVO bulbs. Can 39 t recall the part 39 s off the top of my head I 39 ll try to remember to take a look at them tonight. A single contact at the bottom provides a contact for the positive lead. yes they are the same See Answer the bulbs 1157 are the same bulb as the 2057 just different wattage both are 12 volts as the majority if not all cars use a 12V system . Free shipping Bulb Style Trade 1156 Generic bulb reference used in Auto parts store The 1156 bulb has one contact and the 1157 bulb has two contacts. They fit the following tractors Jacobsen Chief Garden Tractors LED replacement bulbs for 12V and 24V boat with indexed BAY15D bayonet base 1157. The main difference between the 1157 taillight bulb and the 2057 is that the 2057 draws about 30 less current when using the running lights. P. In this section we will look at the differences in the 15mm bulb bases. bulb. Super White Chrome. Home LED Signal Bulb SG1 1157 Backup Light LED Signal Bulb SG1 1157 Backup Light L series 1157 2057 2357 led white reverse light bulbs with unique design create noticeable light output also plus 1 year worry free warranty. Wanting to change out front and rear bulbs to LED but not sure which type I have 2013 fltrx 1156 is a single filament bulb 1157 is a dual filament bulb you want 1157 for both What is the difference between a BA15D base BAY15D 1157 base and BA15S 1156 Bayonet based abbreviation is BA followed by a number which represent the base diameter in mm. The 1034 brake filament does draw less current and WORLDS BRIGHTEST NON HALOGEN STOP TAIL TURN BULB AVAILABLE. com is committed to health and safety. Got them at Wal mart. Re The best 1156 1157 LED bulbs I 39 ve found Reply 12 on January 18 2013 08 40 09 PM I don 39 t know if we are talking Oranges vs Apples or not but this is my 128 LED tail brake light on MGM before I converted him to a Trike. 58 not 2. The bulbs are 1157 LED bulbs and operate the tail lights and brake lights. that is why it has 2 contacts on the bottom Those 1157 LEDS you bought would be a horrible replacement in an actual taillamp. That is to say I can 39 t find either. 1195 Spot Driving Fog Headlight At Bulbs. Trade No. Home LED Signal Bulb SG1 1156 Backup Light LED Signal Bulb SG1 1156 Backup Light Mar 11 2009 I 39 ve thought of just using the regular red bulbs but I haven 39 t been able to determine which ones to use 1156 1157 . 5 Apr 2016 Wanting to change out front and rear bulbs to LED but not sure which type I have. Apr 07 2016 They are available in different bulb sizes 3157 4157NA 7443 7444NA 1157 7528 etc. 1 and 0. 6SMD led light bulbs Color Cool white 6500k Note Will not work on tail or brake lights need led load resistors to work size Only 24mm diameter x 50mm overall Choose 1156 single 1157 dual or 7507 Europeans when placing orders Bulb types 1156 BA15S P21W and 1157 BAY15D P215W are mainly used for brake fog indicator and reverse light functions. You can see that the tabs in the 1156 LED are directly across from one another 180 degrees while the stock 7507 bulb has tabs that are 1 3 from one another 150 degrees . 1156 is a single element lamp reverse light tail light 1157 is a dual element lamp brake light and turn signal light in one bulb 1156 single filament 1157 double filament If the bub is used for example stop light and turn signal. 1157 is known as 1157 USA www. If your bike uses one of them it would be the 1157 for brake and runing light. W. Went to Autozone they didn 39 t have the same bulb it says quot P21 5W quot but the guy recommended the 1157 which apparently is used for car turn signals and certainly looks the same. Results 1 16 of 1000 Amazon. fits these vehicles. If your bike s brake light goes from off to on it s probably an 1156. As easy as changing a lightbulb you can have improved performance and safety for interior and exterior applications. 0 out of 5 stars 14 9. The C. Our 1156 and 1157 size nbsp 8 Oct 2017 1157 and 1156 Motorcycle Light Bulbs. 1156 Miniature Bulb Ba15S Base 12. The 2057 is a stainless steel body longer life amp not quite as bright. width 1. The life expectancy of the 2357 bulb is shorter than that of the 1157. was apparently wrong. The 1156 bulb socket have two in plane pins. These are 1156 Type LED Bulbs and are very bright. I still got them I figured using the brakes for 800 hours would be several years for me. However some notable differences between the two lamps may make one better than the other This 1157 dual contact dual function bulb emits a 360 viewing angle for better allover light emission with reduced hot spots. posted by mcduck on Tue Dec 30 05 26 CST 2003 gt V Users marked in green are currently online. If your turn single does not have a nbsp 6 Dec 2018 Simply put their base contact points. The two most common bulbs that use these bases are the 1156 and the 1156 bulbs. Nokya Autopal Headlight Bulbs Moto Ultra White Powersport Hyper Yellow Powersport Clear Powersport Mini Bulbs Halogen 168 194 T10 921 T16 1156 1157 3156 3157 7440 7443 Dome Mini Bulbs LED 168 194 T10 921 T16 1156 1157 3156 AMBER WHITE 1157 5730 7528 Dual LED SMD Switchback Light Bulbs PAIR Turn Signal. Can I put in an 1156 or are they different wattages May 15 2013 1157 and 1156 are interchangeable however 7507 7506 are not interchangeable with 1157 1156 i think the difference in the last digit is the number of filaments on the bulbthe last digit 7 bulbs are dual filament and the last digit 6 bulbs are single filament. color and are designed to replace stock halogen bulbs 20W 27W for your fog lights turn signals back up lights brake and tail lights daytime running lights and even parking lights. Dec 09 2013 I need to replace the bulb in the front black out drive light. Also if you need the 90 bulb for the sail panel lights I had no problem finding them. B. 1157 LED Bulbs ANTLINE Super Bright 4014 102 SMD 2057 2357 7528 2057A 1157A LED Bulbs with Projector for Brake Tail Lights Turn Signal Lights Parking or Running Lights Brilliant Red Pack of 2 4. From outside to inside they 39 re the side marker turn and stop brake lights. Installed 2357 bulbs on both driver 39 s side tail lights. I was told the 1157 came in 6V but this info. There are several motorcycle tail light and brake light bulb types which are interchangeable. For the 194 as long as the item looks the same peanut shaped you are good to go. To specs. 1157 Double ones has a 5w 21w setup which the 21W is usually as a turn signal. 2 The base of the 1156 has two alignment prongs on the side offset at 180 degrees. 24. 1156 for running lights 1157 for brake and turn. Replace with an amber bulb or place behind an amber lens. 8 V 1156 1073 81508 3 Bulb 1156 30 LED Bulb 1157 30 LED Bulb 1156 20 LED Bulb 1157 20LED Voltage 12 14 volts Voltage 12 14 volts Voltage 12 14 volts Voltage 12 14 volts 1156 1141 1003 93 1073 1093 1129 1159 1295 1459 1619 1651 1680 3497 5007 5008 7506 or 7527 socket. Is this safe Are there more nbsp 1157 LED Replacement Bulbs for motorcycle turn signals and motorcycle brake Wide Angle LED Motorcycle Turn Signal amp Taillight Bulbs 1156 1157 3157. Besides the extra filament in the 1157 the base has an extra nub so it nbsp Results 1 15 of 15 1156 BA15S and 1157 BAY15D Tail Brake amp Turn LED Bulbs. not compatible with a 1157 which is a dual filament bulb with similar contacts on the bottom. Typical bulb numbers for this group are the 93 1073 1141 1156 and 1295 whose physical dimensions are. Can I put in an 1156 or are they different wattages which only come in 1157 sockets. Chrome Amber. Festoon Miniature Wedge Base BA15 amp BA9 Base LED Bulbs socket and bases and LED screw base bulb adapters converters. set in okay so these are the Sylvania 1157 bulbs that were just in there 1157 WHITE LED Bulb ZEVO . 3. 8V for US bulbs MSCD is quot Mean Spherical Candela quot or quot candlepower quot 2006 2020 Onyx Performance Lights LLC. track your order. Sylvania 2057 what I using I still got the package. Tonight I tested both bulbs with my ammeter and here are the results. It is dependent on the year make amp model of vehicle whether this is the appropriate bulb for the running light and turn signal. The new lenses are a clear smoke color and will require a amber colored bulb. They both have two tabs by which to screw into the bulb sockets. Guess I 39 ll stick with the 1154 39 s. Coronavirus COVID 19 Update Bulbs. These bulbs are used as tail lights in a wide range of Honda Toyota Lexus Kia Subaru Chrysler and VW vehicles among many others. 1VDC at my light sockets. 3157 Available with 1156 type bulb base in Warm White OR 1157 type bulb base in Red Yellow Amber Warm White or Cool White These 12V DC have 3 forward facing SMD chips and 3 rows of 5 side firing SMDs for a full and brilliant illumination of most taillamp housings. 68A these are listed by the manufacturer as 2. Apr 25 2014 The bulbs use 1156 type bases which are super common and widely used in many type of vehicles that float or don 39 t. Jalopnik. In other words a 1156 3156 is a single filament bulb therefore used only in applications where one nbsp 11 Aug 2002 from what I gather the 1157 turn signal bulb has two wattages it runs at 5 and 21. Note The bulb life also depends on the way driver uses them in the car. Example of a dual filament 1157 bulb. Whats the deal with not using 1156 1157 bulbs PeachParts Mercedes Benz Forum. The LED bulbs offered at Del City are ideal automotive LED replacement bulbs. For example an 1157 automotive lamp is electrically compatible with a 1034 lamp. Thanks for the help. 25 quot 31mm DE3175 DE3022 1. 1157 bulb vs 1156